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Silencer BlastSafe

Silencer BlastSafe

The ultimate protection system for the professional blaster!
Well-stocked and promptly delivered.

Contracor BlastRazor blast machines

Powerful machines with capacities ranging from 25 to 200 litres. Designed to work with all dry blasting media with a maximum grain size of 4 mm.

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Contracor BlastRazor Z-25 Straalketel
Contracor BlastRazor Z-25 Blast Pot
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Contracor BlastRazor Z-50
Contracor BlastRazor Z-50 Blast Pot
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Contracor BlastRazor Z-100
Contracor BlastRazor Z-100 Blast Pot
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Contracor BlastRazor Z-200
Contracor BlastRazor Z-200 Blast Pot
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From 8.968,00 kr  incl. VAT
From 10.065,00 kr  incl. VAT
From 15.698,00 kr  incl. VAT
From 17.997,00 kr  incl. VAT
Vessel capacity
Vessel capacity
25 l
50 l
100 l
200 l
Vessel height
Vessel height
960 mm
1180 mm
1226 mm
1480 mm
Empty vessel weight
Empty vessel weight
46 kg
73 kg
105 / 110 kg
135 / 140 kg